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How To Receive Payoneer MasterCard In Pakistan?

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How To Receive Payoneer MasterCard In Pakistan?

Payoneer is the online payment service which assists you to receive or send payment online worldwide. As you already know, technology is growing day by day, It is now very easy to get payment online without any additional charges.

Well, Payoneer offers a debit card which is known as Payoneer MasterCard. It is very simple and easy way to receive the Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan. There are many other payment services but the most reliable and efficient service is Payoneer. Before I brief you that how you can get the Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan here at Let me tell you all the functionalities and features of Payoneer as per payoneer guide 2019.

Payoneer MasterCard In

If you are new to Payoneer then you can get complete HowNow about the Payoneer MasterCard and it’s functionalities;

Features of Payoneer:

  • Amazing API support: Through this you can use the payment integration in your website or application.
  • Worldwide payments: You can receive or funds online worldwide without any additional charges.
  • 200 plus countries: There are more than 200+ countries where you can use the Payoneer account and there isn’t any restriction.
  • 150 plus currencies: You can receive or funds in 150 currencies with multiple debit cards.
  • Direct bank transfer functionality helps to access the payment in the local back account because Payoneer is supported by standard charated atm and they are lower in number in Pakistan.
  • Super Prepaid MasterCards: There are many MasterCards offered by Payoneer which are prepaid in nature.
  • Multilingual customer support: No matter what language you are using, you can access to the customer helpcare and you can get complete assistance. If you have any kind of issue Payoneer can sort out.
  • Mass payouts helps to withdraw heavy funds via atm.
  • Payment requests is the feature of Payoneer through which you can request anyone for payment. If you are offering services and products and you are willing to get funds from the customers or anyone, you can request anyone for payments.
  • Payment history is the type of reporting through which you can generate the report of all payments. You can view everything properly.

Steps to Get Payoneer:

  • As you know Payoneer offers the referral bonus so, If you sign up from their official site you may not get the sign up bonus but If you sign up account on the referring link then you can get 25$.
  • Go to the official website of Payoneer and click on sign up button.
  • You need to add your authentic details their; Your full name, email address, mailing address, postal code, government verified documents It may be a ID card or driving liscence.
  • You can attach the scanned copy of front or back side of your documents.
  • After sign up, you need to wait for some days because Payoneer takes time to verify the account but probably It takes 2-3 days for full approval.
  • If you’re not awared of your account status, you can follow the newsletter or emails of payoneer. You’ll be notified by emails.

Remember that: You shouldn’t give wrong details or documents because Payoneer takes time to verify each and everything properly. If you give wrong details you’ll not get the Payoneer account for entire life. It may harm your credibility.

Steps to Get Payoneer MasterCard:

  • After complete approval, you need to sign in to your Payoneer account with your email address and password and solve the captcha.
  • Go to the dashboard and go to the main menu at the header.
  • You can see the option of global payment service (Here you can manage all the activated MasterCards and you can get the complete account information, If you want to switch currencies and bank accounts, there is a drop down menu)
  • Now you can click on activate card. You can get multiple accounts with multiple currencies, that is the reason you can get payment online worldwide.
  • Now upon requesting It may verify or ask you all details again. You can sign up for multiple MasterCards.

Remember that: It may take 14 days to reach the MasterCard on your mailing address, make sure that the mailing address is accurate so that you can get your MasterCard with ease.

Steps to Activate Payoneer MasterCard:

  • When you receive the Payoneer MasterCard, unwrap your Payoneer mail properly and now go to your official account and click on the activate button.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your MasterCard details properly.
  • You have to enter your card number, CVC number, expiry date and pin code properly (Don’t tell these all details to anyone because these are confidential).
  • Now your card is successfully activate and you can use it anywhere anytime.

Steps to Get Funds Via Payoneer MasterCard:

  • If you receive $1000 from anywhere and your account is created on the refering sign up then you will receive the sign up bonus.
  • You can withdraw your funds via ATM (Only standard charated atm machines support Payoneer)
  • You need to enter your local bank details in the fields in Payoneer account and It will take some days to verify your local bank account.
  • Now you can get funds in your local bank account with ease.

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